scrolling in the dashboard is slow

Scrolling the recent activities list on the new Dashboard is painfully slow for me in Firefox on Linux Mint. Chromium is a bit better, but scrolling the activities is still slower than when a native scroll bar is used.

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Hello Daan,

We've seen that the dashboard performance is fairly better in Chrome compared to Firefox and other browsers. Would you be able to throw more light on this issue? If possible, can you share us the console logs so that we'd be able to check if this issue still stays true?


We have this problem as well with Safari on macOS using Mint. Some admin pages such as the reports is really slow and sluggish. Just tested with Chrome and it works a lot better. Would like to see this being resolved with Safari.

I also have this problem. Safari sits there a while, then complains of using a lot of memory. Chrome is lightning fast.

Great post

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