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When building forms in the Service Catalog, I'd like to have the ability to add a read only label. This will allow me to break up my fields into sections. 

As an example, I'm modifying the onboarding form. I'd like to break it up into sections like Hardware Requirements, Telecom Requirements, etc. 

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I would like the same type of field where information/instruction can be provided to users completing the form.

I would like to add text labels in the Ticket, Problem, Change and Release forms.

Hi Paul,

Could you kindly elaborate on why you would require text labels? Is it for providing additional information / instructions about specific fields for users to fill in the right information? Or is it for adding a heading/sub-heading that would provide broader context for a subset of fields on the form?



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We would like this feature also.

Examples of what we are looking to achieve:

1. we would like to be able to add a note/text label explaining what Impact Low, Medium, High means, which end users can view when they are raising an incident.

2. in Service Request in the User OnBoarding form, we would like to place a label advising using to only fill a certain section if the new user requires access to ABC


Hello Prithi,

Thank you so much for elaborating your use-cases. 

1. We plan to introduce the ability configure tool-tips / help texts for fields across different forms in Freshservice. I'll post a comment on this thread when we start the development.

2. Do you think dynamic sections in Service Request form (ability to show or hide a set of fields based on an option selected on a drop-down field. Here's an example of dynamic section configuration for Ticket forms) would be helpful, in this case?



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Something like this from our current catalog


Hi Sundar, we are looking forward to see the tool-tip / help text feature as well (i've raised this as a ticket previously - #3384200). Same use cases as mentioned, i.e explaining what each option in the field means or what type of information they should fill in the text box, etc.

Another request if possible is to have the ability to pre-populate the text field, either with grayed out sample data (that disappears once users click on it) or a template for the paragraph style text box.



Hi Ashraf,

Thank you for your interest in the tool-tip / help text feature. I'll keep this thread posted when we build it.

Regarding the ability to pre-populate a text field with greyed out data, I have a couple of questions -

1. I assume you're referring to placeholder texts. We do have this functionality already in our Service Catalog item configuration. It'd be great to understand which part of the product you'd like to have this functionality.

2. If the tool-tips / help text functionality were available, do you think having the placeholder text functionality would still be useful?



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Hi Sundar,

1. On the self service portal where requester would submit a new ticket for an incident, the fields would contain placeholder text would contain sample data/info.

2. Yes they will be useful for free-text fields to show example of what data to type in. For paragraph text fields we'll have larger sample data.

Thank you.



Understood. Thank you for replying, Ashraf. I'll update this thread when we introduce these enhancements.

Meanwhile, if you have any further feedback, please keep them coming!



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Text labels or separators would also be a great help for assets to structure attributes -> same as Patrick Van Rinsvelt screenshot for Service Requests shows.

Otherwise creating additional classes is the only way for separation.

hi Sundar

We have tried to use the Dynamic fields but for the examples noted, however it does not look that great. see example below.


I too would like to request the ability to add Text Labels and ideally to bold or underline.

Primary use would be to add a heading/sub-heading that would provide broader context for a subset of fields on the form similar to Patrick's screenshot.

Is there an update for this topic? In my case this would be very helpfull

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