Freshdesk Release Notes, 30th March, 2016

Apart from bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your experience, here are the specifics of this release:

SPAM ticket policy update: Going forward tickets lying in the SPAM folder for more than 30 days would be permanently deleted.

Trash ticket policy update: Going forward tickets lying in the TRASH folder for more than 30 days would be permanently deleted.

Webhook Policy: Going forward webhooks configured by customers through integrations such as Zapier and TimeCamp or manually in automation rules will be limited to 1000 API calls per hour. A webhook triggered job that does not execute in 24 hours will be subsequently dropped. Any webhook based job that does not execute due to remote site failure will be dropped after three retries.

Freshbooks Integration Enhancements:

This integration can now fetch all the clients that exist on Freshbooks

This integration can now fetch all the staff members that exist on Freshbooks

Selection of client in the requester info and timesheet widget is based on Freshdesk ticket requester’s company. If a company does not exist then the email will be matched to a Freshbook client’s primary email

If a no client is found then the drop downs will be empty instead of the earlier infinite load issue

API v2 - The new version of APIs has a lot of enhancements targeted to improve the developer experience. Some of the major changes are:

Higher Rate Limits - You can make upto 5000 API calls per hour based on your Freshdesk plan. Irrespective of what plan you are on, you can purchase extra calls and increase your limits by contacting

Better Error Handling and Documentation: Finding errors and tracking bugs will be easier since standard HTTP status codes have been adopted. You will also receive detailed error messages for additional context on what went wrong.

New APIs - You can now access a lot of new functionalities like “Add replies to a ticket”, get a list of recently modified tickets, and more with the new APIs. There are also four new API categories - Business Hours, SLA policies, Email Configuration, and Multi-product support - that you can use, to access details from your helpdesk.

Deprecation: API v1 has been deprecated i.e no further updates will be made to them. They will continue to be functional until the end of September. To stay informed of any changes, subscribe to our API mailing list from here.

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