Freshdesk Release Notes, 13th April, 2016

Apart from bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your experience, here is what we have for this release:

  • The Freshdesk app for Hootsuite now helps agents access the Freshdesk ticketing platform from within Hootsuite. More details here.
  • The WorkflowMAX app for Freshdesk now displays a success message for every explicit create and update timesheet entry action.
  • The “Non-Billable by Default” app prevents agents from mistakenly adding billable time entries by requiring them to explicitly mark time entries as billable.
  • Average agent and customer interactions per ticket can now be found in Helpdesk In-depth report.
  • Customers can create dispatch’r and observer rules based on tags added to tickets.

For instance: If you create tickets through APIs, you could create the following dispatch’r rule:

If tags contains all of: “payment failure”, “card expired”

Then assign to Finance Team AND

Send notification to Requester about payment failure due to card expiry

Another example: You can track tickets where customer gives a positive rating for survey after giving a negative rating using the below observer rule:

When customer feedback is received and rating is good AND tags contains “negative rating”,

Then add tag “survey updated” AND

Send a notification to supervisor

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