Android App Version 3.3 Release Notes

We've just shipped version 3.3 of the Freshdesk Android App. The release includes the following features:

- Warnings when another agent has just replied to a ticket you're replying to.

- Reply to forwards: you can now have conversations with third parties in separate threads inside tickets, just like you can do on the web.

- Hold option for phone calls, and the ability to transfer calls to external numbers

- Support for date fields.

- The ability to change ringtones and toggle vibration for ticket notifications.

- Showing customer and associated company names in the ticket list.

- Agent summary in the dashboard menu. You can switch to account-level ticket summary from Settings.

- Voice search for supported phones. You can now call out 'Ok, Google' followed by relevant commands to look up tickets, customers and solution articles in your account. Read more here.

Here's a blog post that further showcases what's new in version 3.3. 

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I noticed one thing I had trouble with and not sure if it's a feature or a bug. When viewing a contact I can see the phone numbers, but I can't dial them or even copy them to dial manually. Kinda pointless on a phone...


That isn't intentional. We had designed it in such a way that if you tap on it, it'd either take you to Freshdesk's phone dialer or your phone's dialer. This looks like a bug, we'll look at it right away.

Thanks Shankar - Nexus 5X w Android 6 (Marshmallow). I'll try a couple of other android devices and see if maybe it's device specific. I'll also remove and re-install the app in case something got corrupted.


What happens when you tap on the number, Keith? If it doesn't take you to the dialer, can you email me the phone number? I think it's an issue with phone number formats.

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