Problem while applying changed SSO


SSO authentication keep failing after applying change in SSO.

Recently I received email about the change about SSO. And I have applied but still keep failing. Below is changed code - I have added shared_key for hash. 

Could you check what's wrong? Or Is there any error response while login by SSO?


def freshdesk_sso_redirect(user):
  timestamp = '%d' % (datetime.utcnow() - datetime.utcfromtimestamp(0)).total_seconds()
  payload = user.full_name() + app.config['SSO']['freshdesk']['SECRET'] + + timestamp
  hashvalue =['SSO']['freshdesk']['SECRET'], payload, md5).hexdigest()

  return redirect(app.config['SSO']['freshdesk']['REDIRECT_URI'] + '?' + urlencode({
    'name': user.full_name(),
    'timestamp': timestamp,
    'hash': hashvalue


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Nvm, it works now lol.. Close or delete this please