Release Notes, 11th May, 2016

Apart from the bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance user experience, this release features :

  • Recent Tickets App (App Gallery) - Installing the “Recent Tickets” app will let agents easily access the five most recent tickets of a requester in the ticket details page. This will help provide additional context about the problem that the requester is reporting and their history with it.

  • Supervisors can now manually change the automatic ticket assignment availability for agents in their group from the dashboard. This feature has to be enabled once manually from Admin>Groups, after which, the Supervisors don’t have to approach the Admins in order to control the availability of the agents. You can find out more here.

  • Supervisors of each group can now decide if agents in their group should be given the ability to change their availability for automatic ticket assignment. It is no longer a single global setting applicable to all groups. For instance, you can enforce availability for your Level1 agents or outsourced agents and leave the option open for Level2 agents.

  • Scheduling Reports - Supervisors and Admins can now schedule reports and automatically receive daily/weekly/monthly reports in their email. These reports can also be sent to your customers or managers too. For example, your VP of support can receive these reports in their mailbox once a month as they would like to know how well the team is performing. Show me how.

Phone Channel:

  • A paid phone add-on on top of the existing features will allow call center agents, supervisors, and admins to offer better contextual support. On buying the add-on, customers can leverage these advanced feature sets: Call Monitoring, Call Barging, Call Conferencing, Call Masking, and Call Lifetime Metrics Tracking.  We plan to add the 6th feature - Warm Transfer - to this add-on shortly. Please find finer details of these features in this solution article.

Social channel:

  • Admins can now set up keyword rules for Facebook tickets, just like how it has been available for Twitter tickets. With this, you have the option to choose only comments with certain keywords (like support, issue, help, etc) to be converted to tickets. This will help improve your team’s productivity while responding to issues coming in through Facebook, by filtering out the noise and only bringing in the posts and comments that require your support team to follow up. You can check out the changes with this update hereThis feature will be rolled out across all accounts on the Blossom plan and higher over the next few weeks. If you would like to enable this immediately, write to us at

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