Can't login to my account


When i try to change my admin agent email address, system has redirect me out of dashboard. Now i can't login with last email or new email address and get this error:

"The email and password you entered does not match."

Please help me to get my access again.

Thanks a lot.


First,my sincere apologies for having missed out on the opportunity to help you out earlier. I believe you'd have figured out a solution for the login issue and everything is fine with your helpdesk. Should you have any questions, please drop us a note here or write us an email on .

Happy to help :)


still having issues can't log in to my wallet 

I have the same problem, but the change my account email and not remember new account.

Help me please to recover my acount

@Erick : I see that you've recently interacted with our support regarding this case. Just in case if you're unable to login, please try out the forgot password option on the portal home page to initiate a password reset for your account .