Ticket view does not load properly.

Hi forum - 

We are finding that when viewing a ticket from the helpdesk (eg. that more than 50% of the time, the ticket view does not load fully on the first attempt.

  • The green "loading" bar at the top of the screen gets about 70-90% of the way along and then stops.
  • Nothing appears under "Ticket Properties"
  • On long threads, only the first and last few comments appear, and the "Expand" button does not show.
The problem usually goes away after one, two or three page reloads, but constantly having to do this on almost every ticket is very annoying.

This occurs on Chrome and Firefox (latest versions).

The screenshot below shows the first attempt to load the ticket on the left, and the correct view after a couple of reloads on the right for comparison.

For both examples, the console logs a few errors. But the one the left above logs one error that the one on the right doesnt:

Clicking on the "146:10" link takes me to this view:

I'm attaching the full console logs for both results.

Any ideas?

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(804 Bytes)

 Can you please provide me your account details, and if possible can we get any occasional agent access for your portal...

What is the best way to send you that information?

Andrew, we will be converting this topic to a ticket, so that we can keep the details confidential..