Freshdesk Release Notes, 7th June, 2016

Along with bug fixes and performance improvements to improve your experience, here are some enhancements that you can find in this release:

  • Creating new folders and categories on the go: Agents can now create a new folder and a category while creating a new knowledge base article. Previously, you only had the option of linking an article to an existing folder or category.

  • Manage categories across portals: You can now reorder your categories in different portals from one place. This option will be available under the Manage option on the Solutions home page. Previously, you would have to log in to each portal to manage categories of that particular portal.

  • Admins and account admins can now visit roles page to find out the agents associated to each role and also assign roles to agents from the same page.

  • In reports, agents can now hover over abbreviated values such as 12k, 23k etc to get the full count (like 12,240 and 23,679)

  • Deleted agents and their contributions will be included in the Agent Performance report. Admins don’t have to retain them as occasional agents for the sake of past metrics any more.

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