Emails from agents that are not replies to Agent Notification emails must be turned into PRIVATE notes

Suppose that we have a company address ( ) that forwards all emails to our Freshdesk account ( ) AND to local user mailboxes (, etc )

When an email is received at a copy is delivered to and Freshdesk either creates a new ticket or adds it to the thread of an existing one. Another copy is delivered to, etc

Now, suppose that I have an exchange, regarding this email, between two company users:

- is also an agent in our Freshdesk
- is NOT an agent in our Freshdesk

For example,, using his local mail client and working on the copy he received, forwards the email to AND adds as a CC ( never mind the reason, just go along with that )

What now happens is that a copy of the forwarded email, along with the agents additions to it reaches Freshdesk ( via ) which creates a PUBLIC note with its contents. This is embarrassing and potentially damaging since internal communications have leaked to the customer.

I believe that this is behavior is wrong because and counter-intuitive ( the agent does not expect this to happen ).

I understand that when an agent replies via email to one of the related Admin > Email Notifications > Agent Notifications emails ( ie ticket created / assigned to your group / assigned to you / customer replied ) his reply should be turned by Freshdesk into a public note.

But, this should happen ONLY when an agent replies to an agent notification email. All other emails coming from agent addresses and matching a ticket thread must be added by Freshdesk as PRIVATE notes of that ticket thread.

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BTW, when I forward a ticket to the personal email of an agent ( say from my example above ) and the agent replies to the forward, his email is added as a private note, which is the right thing to do.


Hello Thanos,

We're very sorry that we had left this topic in the dark. We're trying to improve our presence in the community forums and you'll notice more changes in the coming months.

The expected system behaviour is that any reply from an agent email address ( from mailbox ) will be considered as a public one except for the forwarded emails or private note notifications . 

For any internal communication , the agent can use private notes or forward or team huddle so that it is never exposed to the customer.


this has been a problem for a long time now, I have personally spent hours and hours explaining this to Freshdesk and all they came back with was that this is just the way the system is designed, it has been very disppointing and freshdesk does not want us to control the public/private notes at all!!

Is there a way to just disable public notes completely? 

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