Freshdesk Release Notes, 22nd June, 2016

This release has the following enhancements along with bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Clear date option in date field - Date fields in the ticket form will now include a ‘clear’ option to reset the date.
  • Chat/Phone channel - When agents are supporting customers in more than one real time channel (chat or phone), they now have all their controls right in one spot at the bottom left corner of their helpdesk screen.
  • Selecting consecutive tickets in the ticket list: Agents can now select consecutive tickets in the ticket list page pretty easily, without having to manually click on each of them. They can accomplish this by choosing the first ticket, holding down the Shift key and then choosing the last ticket they’d like to select. This behaviour is similar to how selection works in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
  • Footer feedback in helpdesk: The “submit feedback” link that appears in the footer when agents are logged in to their helpdesk has now been changed to a simple textbox that asks “Tell us how we can make Freshdesk better”. This will make it easy for agents using Freshdesk to submit feedback about the product, and the messages will be sent to the support team.
  • In-app product notification section will be open by default for new updates: The product notification section on top right (next to the agent availability icons) will now open by default when there are new unread notifications. This will ensure more people notice the product updates we post there.

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