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Hi FreshDeskies - I'm a new user, so please be nice to me!  *:)

I've created a Supervisor rule to detect tickets with a status of "Waiting for Customer" where there's been no interaction for 72 hours.  The actions are to close the call and send an email to the customer.  That all works perfectly.

What I'd also like to do is add something to the ticket itself to explain why it's been closed, as the outgoing email to the customer doesn't appear to be added to the ticket.  An "Add Note" action would be idel but it's not an option.  I can use "Add Tag" but this isn't ideal.

Any suggestions as to how I can add some text to the ticket?

Thanks in advance,

Rudy Lacchin

Project and Systems Officer
ICT Service Application Support

Gloucestershire County Council

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Hello Rudy,

Sorry that we missed out on the chance to help you out earlier. I believe you'd have mastered Freshdesk by now :)

There is no option to add a note using Supervisor rule but there is a workaround using which you can add a comment to the ticket. In addition to sending the email to the requester, you can also trigger an email to an agent in the helpdesk. 

You can create an occasional agent in the helpdesk and dedicate a mailbox for such alerts. You could then create a forwarding rule in the mailbox to automatically forward the incoming emails to the helpdesk - make sure that you add the [#TicketID] in the subject of the email that's being sent via the supervisor rule.


Hi Aravind,

We tried this and were not able to get it to

The forwarded emails never showed up on the ticket.

Were you able to successfully do this?

It would be best if the Supervisor rules had the option of adding a public or private note to the ticket.

In this case, we are using a Supervisor rule to automatically close tickets with long periods of inactivity.

Since the rule doesn't put a note on the ticket, the customer has no way of knowing what happened with the ticket when they review it.


We've fudged this by creating tags "Closed - no reply from customer" (when a ticket is auto-closed) and "No response - please chase" (when a ticket is auto-reopened for chasing).

Not ideal as the agent sometimes misses seeing the tag, but it's the best we've come up with.


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