Deleted contacts, can't use same email for new contact.

So we are trying to save our users from database to freshdesk via API.

And we have to delete those users since something was missed.

We make a script that would create new contacts for us.

Now what has happened is that after deleting the contacts, We could not save hem back since the email "should be a unique value".

I wanted to know if this still applies to emails of deleted contacts?

Since we are still in beta I there could be such more encounters, is there a ways to use freshdesk as sandbox or in testing mode?

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Any solutions for this issue 


Deleting a customer will just mark that customer as Spam and the email address will still be active in your FD account, please see this thread


You'd now be able to permanently delete a contact in Freshdesk. The option lies in the deleted contact page - Check out the video to see how this functionality works:

You can also delete contacts via API. Once the contacts are permanently deleted, you'd be able to re-use the email address for creating a new contact.