Freshdesk Release Notes - 6th July, 2016

Here are some exciting changes that we bring to you for this release.

Log edit and delete of private notes - enhancement

A record of who edited/deleted a private note and the timestamp of when the action was performed will be available going forward.

Merge Feature Enhancement:

We have made some improvements to the merge functionality.

Now when you merge two or more tickets, you would be able to include (or exclude) secondary ticket recipients to the primary ticket. The agent can decide whether all the stakeholders of the merged tickets need to be kept in the loop or not.

Attachment previews: Clicking on attachments and downloading them is so 2005! You can now preview images right inside Freshdesk, even before downloading them.

The solution article footer feedback question (that asks customers if they have suggestions to improve the article) is now more personal. The question will carry the author’s name along with it, so hopefully, your customers will feel invited to provide meaningful feedback.You can hide author names from showing up from Admin > Portal.

Canned responses in new ticket/email: You can now insert existing or new canned responses in the new ticket form and in your outbound emails. Just like your canned responses in ticket replies, this will increase agent productivity by saving time and preventing repetitive work.

iOS app 4.1

Freshdesk 4.1 for iOS is out in the App Store. New features include:

SAML and SSO login mechanisms are now supported.

A brand new customers screen: That lists all the fields you’ve set up for contacts, along with default company fields. You can even edit these on the go!

Grouped notifications: Your ticket notifications are now grouped by ticket ID, so everything is a lot less cluttered!

Share option: You can now use the share button to share ticket links with other apps. Public links to tickets will be shared if you’ve enabled public URLs from Admin > Portals > Settings.

Even more: Hold option is now available for phone calls, and date fields are now supported! And if someone ever responds to a ticket when you’re hitting send at the same time on mobile, we’ve got you covered. The traffic cop feature will now warn you about replies made recently so you can review them before hitting send on yours.

Android App Version 3.4

Freshdesk 3.4 for Android is now available for download from the Play Store. This version includes three key features:

Dynamic forms: The app now supports dynamic forms. Type specific sections will now show up when users edit ticket properties or create new tickets.

Agent collision: An alert will show up in the reply screen when another agent is trying to reply to the same ticket. The Android app will not report other agents viewing the same ticket.

Brand new reply screen: The ticket reply and add note screens are now cleaner and more usable than ever.


Survey APIs (Beta): APIs for the revamped Surveys enable you to create a survey response, view a list of survey responses (filtered by time and by ticket), and view all details of the active survey.

Agent APIs (Beta): We have added the capability to update and delete agents so you can manage your agents using the API.

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