Please improve usability and responsiveness of autocomplete for requester field

Currently it requires a minimum of 4 characters to autocomplete. I would like this reduced.  It also seems slow.  If this is an intentional delay, please remove it.  If it is a performance issue please investigate. 

I would also request that it search for any part of a requesters name.  It currently only seems to allow an exact left-match, ie if I search for "beth" it will not show "elizabeth".  Related, if I search for her email address "" by typing "esmith" it will not find her.  This should also be remedied if possible.

I'm getting similar feedback from our users about this field.  Please address.

+1 on partial matching



We had recently revamped our Search architecture to improve the performance and also reduce the errors with the existing search system. You should be already seeing some improvements with respect to search but I would like to hear your thoughts on the same.

Please drop us a note if you're still experiencing some issues with the requester auto-complete section. 

Here's a blog post on how we actually progressed with the revamp of our architecture.


Hi, Whenever I compose an email on my iPhone, outlook, Gmail, whatever, I would just start to type in the first few characters of the email address and the most frequently contacted email address would be auto completed. However with fresh desk it would give me a random user's email address, not necessarily a frequently contacted user. This is very frustrating. Can this be added in? Thanks Isaac


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