Insert link in message?

 Since last week we have a strange problem inserting a link in a message.

When I click the link icon and choose "Insert link", the whole screen fades out to allmost white and there is no popup anymore to insert a link...

But sometimes it works without a problem. (on the same computer, same day... just a few hours later)

Now we can't insert links anymore... and we use this function a lot.

We have not heard of this problem generically across customers. If possible please raise a ticket with support so that someone can investigate your account for specific issues.

Freshdesk Product Management


I will.

We have this since 3 weeks now. On every single computer in our network.


We are having the same issue starting a few weeks ago. All across our agents.

Workaround is to F5 to refresh the page before inserting the link.

I believe it has to do with the page timing out (i.e. happens on an old page) - but it has not been confirmed.

/ Mats

Hello everyone,

If you could tell us the browser version and OS that would help us try to reproduce this issue on our end. Thanks for posting a workaround Mats. Dennis, did that fix your issue?



I'm on Win7 running Chrome: Version 52.0.2743.116 m

/ Mats

Is there any hope of getting this fixed? 

It is 100% consistent for all of us in my company. We are 5 agents working daily with it.

If the page is "old" (ie it has timed out) we always have to update the page before we can get the dialog to appear.

/ Mats

We still have this problem.

Nothing was fixed or changed. Did not receive any updates about this either.

We have it in ALL browsers. But not always. 
Sometimes it does work in a ticketreply. Next ticket... does not work. Next ticket... nope... Next ticket: Yes! It works again.

Isn't it depending on how long time has elapsed since you opened the ticket? 

For me it works if I am quick enough:)

Nope. Even when I try it directly (within 10 seconds of opening the ticket) it sometimes works... or not.

Our developers are already working on the fix and the update should be rolled out in a week or two. We will keep you posted about it here. Thanks. 

Good news!

We have rolled out a fix recently related to this issue. You should be able to insert links in your messages now. Kindly verify the same and let us know, thanks.