Freshdesk Release Notes - 20th July, 2016

Here's what is in store for this release apart some bug fixes and performance enhancements :


  • A new metric “unresolved tickets” has been introduced in reports which shows you the breakdown and trends of unresolved tickets at the end of the selected time period. It is the equivalent of “backlog tickets” in older version of reports. Supervisors and Admins can now keep an eye on the unresolved ticket count trend in the Ticket Volume report. The metric has also been added to Helpdesk In-depth report along with other vital KPIs to give an overview of the health of the helpdesk.
  • Since the new report contains all the old metrics and data, we’ll phase out the old reports by Aug 3rd, 2016. If you wish to save versions of the old report, please do so within the next 2 weeks.

Custom apps on new ticket and compose email page

  • Custom apps (earlier called Freshplugs) can now be added to the new ticket page as well as the compose email page, in addition to the previously supported Ticket details page and Contact page. You can do this by changing the “custom apps displayed on” setting under Admin > Apps > Custom app in your helpdesk.

Introducing the Freshdesk Developer Portal:

  • Build your own Freshdesk Apps - connect your helpdesk to other tools you use, access information more easily in your helpdesk or pull support information from your helpdesk to wherever you want.
  • Use the new Freshdesk SDK to access all the resources, commands and the freedom needed to build apps.
  • Test, validate, and package your apps for publishing easily with the robust Local Testing and validation features.  
  • You can also submit the app via the Developer Portal for review. Once reviewed, you can share your app with businesses around the world via the Freshdesk App Gallery.
  • Access the documentation you need to build these apps, forums to discuss development projects, and the SDK itself.

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