Multilingual Support for KBase

Hello Everyone, 

We are super excited to let you know that we have rolled out the Multilingual Support for your Knowledge Base. Now, you can create articles in multiple languages to support your global customers - all from a single portal. 

Check out this little video to learn more about how multilingual support can help you grow your business effectively!

Here’s what the Multilingual KBase can help you with: 

  • Easier collaboration across teams with all languages being available on one portal 
  • Color coded status indicators to enhance agent productivity 
  • Language specific meta tags to improve content discoverability 
  • Automatic language detection to provide seamless support to your customers speaking different languages

To get started with the Multilingual KBase feature, check out these knowledge base articles here. 

Read more about the feature in the blog post here

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That's great! May I ask one more feature concerning this: Could we have the possibility to copy the whole content of an article existing in one language into all the others / some other languages? That will help us a lot in updating an already existing database!!! Thanks


I like the new multilingual KBase but... to make the experience complete and useful there should be similar support for multilingual ticket submission (labels of fields and values in drop down items based on the selected language).


Happy to know that you are liking the new Multilingual Knowledge Base. Thanks!

Damien, we have the Show Master option that will show the primary article in other languages tab. Let us know whether that helps because copying the primary language content in all other languages doesn't seem to be relevant. 

Jean, with the introduction of the language switch option on the portal, now with the help of full portal customization, we can achieve dynamic ticket fields based on the language selected on the portal. I will drop you an email regarding it soon. 

Hello Sajesh,

It is relevant as all our KB articles are not fully translated therefore we need our customer to have access to the english content at least...
Kind regards,


Totally understand Damien. In that case, your customers can always switch between all your supported languages from the portal.

Agree but this is not very intuitive from the customer point of view... When the portal is set in a language, is there an information somewhere where you can see that articles in an other language are available?


We have designed the feature to load the portal and the knowledge base articles based on the language selected by the user. Otherwise, the user will end up seeing articles in multiple languages within a folder and it may not be relevant to the user because that's not their preferred language.

May be until your translations are up-to-date, you can probably add a note under every folder via portal customization - mentioning about additional articles available in English or the respective language. 

Great feature!!! Thanks a lot. I second Damien Callet's suggestion of having some kind of message displayed that letting the end users know that other solutions are available in different languages (if more exist).

Thanks for the idea Sajesh, but how can I add this text into portal customization? Could you be more specific please?



Like Damien, I like Sajesh's idea and would appreciate a little guidance on how to achieve this. We support two languages at the moment (and hope to add more) but most of our long accumulated Kbase (even before we moved to Freshdesk) is in English; we would like to make it obvious to our non English customers that more Solutions are available in English if they so desire, while we translate our Solutions and Documents... (a long process). Otherwise, this is a great feature, thank you!!

Totally understandable Damien. In that case, your customers can always switch between all your supported languages from the portal. It'll be a good option for users all over the world they'll able to understand things in their languages

A Multilingual Portal is all that serves the needs of today's every aspiring and highly growing community, I will definitely appreciate your progressive approach to carry all thing all along.

That's ways best


Very well appreciated step. 

Hi there, 

Yes, I must say yes to it. The customers have the facility to switch between all supportive languages for a user friendly portal. It really helps, to customer to a greater extent. 


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