Small bugs

I came across freshdesk sometime back, the way they treat their employees and the work ethic and support is awesome. We have already fully integrated the platform with our core system.

few issues we notice are:

1. on widget when user submit a ticket he type a subject line, the knowledge base shall automatically pull up suggestion from the subject line, this does not work.

same knowledge base in widget search option do not work, it just keep spinning, may want to look into this. 

2. In knowledge page website i see the following search field: "How can we help you today?"

whatever i type in that search field, it does not work. output is empty.

to be more specific

the following option do not work. (atleast not for free members)

Auto suggest solutions while creating a new ticket
This also applies to the search feature inside feedback widget.

Hello Yams,

Your concern sounds more like a search issue. Could you please let me know if you are still facing this in your portal?

This has been fixed.
Thank you