Freshdesk Release Notes - 4th Aug 2016

This release gets exciting with us introducing three new dashboards for Admins, Supervisors and Agents in Freshdesk. With the new dashboards,

Admins can quickly see how different parts of the helpdesk are performing. They can see the status, priority, type, and group which has the most unresolved tickets. They will be able to see signs of a problem before it becomes an emergency, and take necessary action.

Supervisors can quickly see how the different agents in the groups they manage are performing. They can see the status, priority, type, and agents with the most number of unresolved tickets. They can control the ticket distribution and agent availability of the groups they manage right from the dashboard.

Agents can quickly see the number of tickets in their pipeline for the day. They can see the breakdown of tickets assigned to them based on status, priority, and type, and understand what kind of tickets they should be focusing on. They can also see their CSAT score and understand which of their customers are close to being frustrated.

The new dashboards will be rolled out in phases and are available for all Estate+ accounts.

Please note : As intimated earlier old reports except for Agent and Group Summary have been deprecated.

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Currently the difference between the supervisor dashboard and agent dashboard is made by the 'View Reports' right, which basically means you only see the agent dashboard when using the default roles. As we are using custom roles and grated everybody the right to view reports, everybody has the supervisors view. My question is if it will be possible in the future to decide per (custom) role, which dashboard should be shown?

Hello Matthieu,

Thanks for your comment about being able to choose the dashboard view based on custom roles. I will put this on our feature backlog for our next set of enhancements.



Dar Sudha,

You are welcome! I hope it helps. Keep improving like this

Kind regards



When will this be available to Estate Plans?



Hello Ray,

Thanks for reaching out to us. As mentioned in the Release notes, we are phasing the roll out to all our paying Estate customers. If you would like it enabled on your account immediately, please contact



Sad to see this just in Estate :-(

Hello Alessio,

We are looking into providing these dashboards as an add-on feature for other plans, wondering if you can comment on which specific views you would find the most useful? 

We will keep you posted on our plans for exposing this feature to other plans.

Thanks for your support!


Supervisor snapshot is the most useful for us, then admin (super useful too) and last the agent.

add-on feature for other plans is a great idea, we need also these reports :-)

Balaj any news?

Hello Alessio , 

Nice to hear that the supervisor snapshot is useful. I will let our product owners  answer your question. Give us a day or two. Keep sharing your love and concerns about the product. 


Hello Alessio,

Could you tell us which specific graph from performance analysis you need and most importantly what decision you would take if it is present? 

How do I set this up? I can't see the new dashboard

Hello Stefan,

The new dashboards have been released to all customers in the Forest and the Estate plans - if you don't see it on your home page, then it may not be available in your plan.

Thanks and hope that helps.


Awww, give the Blossom accounts some love, too! A feature like this would inspire us to grow bigger faster, then we can afford Estate! :-)

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