Extended Facebook Integration

Facebook comments and messages can currently be converted into Freshdesk tickets and thus answered via Freshdesk.

However, we can not implement Facebook into Freshdesk until all of Facebooks other features to handle comments can be handled directly in Freshdesk:

  • Like
  • Reply
  • Hide Comment
  • Embed Comment

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Dear Freshdesk Support Team, is the extended Facebook integration something you are considering in your roadmap?

Anybody there? Any response would be highly appreciated.

Hi Freshdesk

Any update on this - this feature of being able to Like comments is something that would make the Facebook integration into Freshdesk actually useful for our business.  As it stands at the moment, all the integration does is alert us that we need to go to the front end of Facebook and action things from there (like comments, hide or delete comments).  We are in the front end of Facebook anyway, because the Facebook integration into Freshdesk isn't useful for us, so the Freshdesk Facebook 'alerting' is redundant.

Thank you guys

Hi guys,

We understand that having the ability to like, reply, embed and hide comments would make the integration with Facebook even more seamless and better. This is something we already are working upon and we'll keep you notified if we have any news on this.