Formatting of support tickets

Hi, I used to be able to add formatting to "New support tickets", but now the toolbar at the top of the text box doesn't appear, and my messages contain no formatting (including line breaks) although html links are still clickable.

I am still able to add formatting to replies to support tickets.

The problem arose some time between 4th August (my last ticket with formatting) and 9th August (my first ticket with no formatting).

My browser is Internet Explorer 11 (because that's all I have access to at work).


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Hello Gregor,

We were able to reproduce the issue on IE11. I'm having someone in my team followup, will keep you posted on when we can release the fix.

I was wondering if you do have access to Microsoft Edge, because the scenario seems to work fine in Edge. Maybe that's a viable workaround.



I am having a similar problem with clilent who submit support tickets using IE11.  IE11 is not holding the formattting (mainly line breaks) the user is entering and when the tickets come through everything is smashed together.  Not sure if these are related (sounds like they are) or completely separate

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I am having this issue and have tried on different browsers including Edge.  Without any formatting the issue tickets are very difficult to read.  We are in the process of signing up for a paid plan, this is very concerning.

Hello folks,

Sorry that we've missed to update this thread for a very long time. We had this behaviour checked recently and it looks like the line breaks and other formatting made on the text are retained in the ticket . Should you have any further questions, drop us a note here and we promise to act upon it immediately.


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