Freshdesk Release Notes - 31st Aug

Apart from performance enhancements and bug fixes, this release features : 

Ticket Activity Log - Enhancement: The ticket activities log has been majorly enhanced to provide a complete audit log of a ticket’s changes. The enhancement will:

Log changes to all ticket fields including default and custom fields irrespective of whether the change was done manually or by an automation.

Log ticket field values at ticket creation. Giving a snapshot of the ticket during creation as well as recording subsequent changes will provide a complete audit log of the ticket.

Log additional changes to a ticket such as marking a ticket as spam, deleting a ticket, modifying timesheets etc.

To improve readability, activities will be grouped together based on the time at which they occur.

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Reports Enhancements:

Supervisors and admins can now filter by a max of 10 fields with 50 values in each field. For customers with drop downs with large number of options such as issue categorisation or location, this will come in handy.

Two new advanced call center features for phone channel

After Call Work:  The phone channel in Freshdesk allows agents to address action items once a call ends through after call work (ACW). This was previously a challenge where agents became available immediately once a call ended, making it possible to address those customer issues only during the call.

With ACW, agents can add notes, update ticket information and CRM, reach out to other internal teams to sought the customer issue, or email the caller with information on the action items. After the end of every call, agents will have a couple of minutes (configurable) for ACW before automatically becoming available again.

Warm Transfer: In the event of transferring a customer call from one agent to another, ensure you provide enough context about the customer issue to the new agent. You can either stay on the call till a resolution is passed or you can drop off and allow the other agent to close the customer issue.

App Platforms - SDK v2.0 with support for in-app events: The execution of a Freshdesk app begins with an 'initialize' event that is triggered every time the app is loaded. However, there are events that originate from actions within the app's template (such as button clicks or field changes) that an app may want to react to and these are now supported. Please note that SDK 2.0 will need to be installed in order to make use of these features.

Exporting Survey Responses:  Supervisors and Admins can now export survey ratings and comments provided by the customer in addition to other ticket information. This functionality is available only in accounts with the new Surveys, which will be enabled in all Blossom+ accounts in the coming months.

Keyboard Short cut for Navigating between tickets : You can now navigate between tickets using the j/k keys. Earlier, these shortcuts were available only in the ticket list page. They’re now available in the ticket detail page as well now.


The clean up of items is good, can this also be done with the "Recent Helpdesk Activity" on the dashboard as that gets multiple lines for one ticket update??

To improve readability, activities will be grouped together based on the time at which they occur.



Hi Dan,

Thanks for the feedback and yes, now that we're done with the revamp of activities on the ticket details page, we will look at replicating the same on the dashboards as well. However, we may take some time to get to it based on our backlog and internal priorities, but rest assured, this is on the cards. 

Have a great day ahead!



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