logo resize

 I have problem with the logo image:

- it gets automatically resized

- I have problems getting a bigger logo that does not look pixelated and a retina optimized logo

Anybody had similar issue? Your suggestions would be very appreciated!

1 person has this problem


You can embed the logo in a different way instead of going with the default option so that the Logo Image Quality is kept intact.

Kindly login to the Admin -> Portal -> Portal customisation -> Layout and Page -> Portal page, Please go the header tab and replace the snippet {{ portal | logo }} with the below code.


<a href="/support/home" class="portal-logo">

<span class="portal-img"><i></i>

<img src="your image public url " alt="Logo" onerror="default_image_error(this)" data-type="logo" style="height: 50px; width: 196px;"></span>


<h1 class="ellipsis heading">Support</h1>


Hi. Am I right that a nice logo is only possible with Estate or higher? If so, please make it possible to upload a high quality logo (retina) with the basic plans like garden or blossom. This is a basic feature nowadays...

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