Change to users email addresses affecting ticket visbility.


Recently, our company instituted a policy of changing agency staff to have some additional letters in their email address's.

Lets say the letters were cw.

As an example:


Since the change, our users have reported that they for example, cannot see tickets that they normally see in FreshDesk. The emails in FreshDesk are likely fed from other systems, so the email addresses would have changed in FreshDesk as well.

Is this a known behaviour? Why should email address affect ticket visibility?

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Sorry that we haven't updated the thread so far. The email address is the unique identifier that's used for agent login. In this case, Andrew 's team were using Single Sign On to login to Freshdesk . By SSO login, the email address and other parameters are directly passed from the external system . Since the email addresses are different from the actual ones listed on the helpdesk , the system logged them as a new agent with a fresh role and scope.