Duplicate tickets and delay in receiving emails

Since the 20th we have been facing this issue. We use customer mail server and the some of the mails that are coming to the Freshdesk are duplicated. Past two days, we have also noticed a delay in receiving emails. the delays ranged from 30 min- 1.5 hour.

We have raised a ticket on the 20th with Freshdesk, but the team is still working on. % days and there is no solution which is just unacceptable 

I would appreciate if Freshdesk understands how important it is to fix these service issues on time. 

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We have also noticed a delay in email being sent from FreshDesk. We noticed it because agents that were getting assigned tickets were not getting notification emails for a couple of hours, and when customers were updating tickets agents were not getting notifications. We only noticed this yesterday, but we are not sure how long it has been going on for. I have raised a ticket so I am waiting for a response from support...

Have just found and checked this page,

Seems there was an issue with email yesterday, so this explains are issue, shame this page is not advertised more.

Over the last few weeks we are experiencing similar delays of up to 1 hour to receive a ticket in Freshdesk. We learned this while preparing our agents on new processes. And, the strange thing is that these emails were received in Gmail immediately. I do often see issues in the Freshdesk Status page about email delivery problems. As an hour can have a big impact on our SLA's and ability to test new processes, I would love to hear from Freshdesk about this. Thank you for posting about this Pradeep and James. I now know that we are not alone!

Hi Adam,

We're really sorry for the impact caused in your business because of email delays. We've ramped up our servers ( We use a third party service for email transactions ) and also have channelised the IPs from which the mails are sent. Should you face any issues with email delivery, please drop us an email to and our engineers will help you resolving it asap.