Freshdesk Release Notes - 21st Sep

Here is what we have we have for you this release appart from performance improvements and bug fixes to enhances your experience.

Placeholders in signatures: Agents can now add their own placeholders in signatures from their profile pages. This will make it easy for them to customize it with dynamic content like ticket status, group name, due by time, product name, product description etc. It will offer more flexibility for every agent in your team to personalize their signatures at an individual level.  

Ticket description tooltip in contacts page: Going forward, when agents are taking a look at requester information for a contact in their helpdesk, they can hover over recent tickets to see the ticket description.

Changes to meta editor in the KBase: The meta editor in solution articles will now tell you if you have exceeded the recommended character limits for title and description respectively, in addition to showing you what the actual limits are.  

Solutions APIs (Beta): APIs (v2) for Solutions to enable you to create, view, update, and delete Solution articles, categories, and folders. Support for the multilingual feature has also been added to these APIs.

Customize your submit button: In the Feedback Widget, you can now customize the text on the submit button so that you can keep it relevant to your form.

Quick search for ticket views: When there are more than 15 ticket views available for a particular agent, a search bar will now appear. Agents can just start typing the name of the view and hit Enter to quickly jump to the ticket view.

Previews for inline images: Images embedded in ticket content can now be previewed by clicking on them.

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