Clumsy delay while loading popup widget

Whenever a user launches the popup widget in my web application, there's a clumsy pause while the form loads via ajax. This is considerably noticeable when on slow internet connection, sometimes slow enough to lead the user to believe the loading has failed, and clicking again cancels the request and it appears as if the widget doesn't work at all.

Here's a short clip of this behavior:

Seems like this could be easily fixed by plopping up an empty modal with a loading graphic until the ajax call is completed...?

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for reporting this to us. 

We've converted your post as a ticket on our end and are looking into it.

We'll get back to you at the earliest, once we have further updates. 


Bharath R.


Hi Wayne,

We have fixed this issue. It should be working fine in your account.

Check your ticket status -


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