Two-Factor Authentication

Either by Text, email, or phone app, etc..

It's shocking this hasn't been implemented for this type of service considering the gathering of (private) information is generally high for customer service.

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This is a great addition. When can we expect the same feature for clients?


@Tom Richards There are plans in line to bring the same Org level settings for the end users (clients/customers) as well. Please hang by and we shall keep you posted soon.

Thanks for the update Swetha. Can you provide some more details around the term "soon" should be we expect this within a week, or a month, or several months? I have customers who are demanding this functionality and it would be very helpful to be able to provide them with a more definitive timeline.

Hello, has there been any movement on providing clients/customers with the Org capability for 2-Factor Authentication?   This is a priority for us and an expectation for implementation would be great.

 Hello, has this been implemented yet for clients/customers?  It is quickly becoming a requirement for connecting to external applications. 

It has been implemented few months ago, it's working quite well

Hello! Do we have a two-factor authentication? Or any other similar solution that someone is using?

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