Language recognition fail: requestor notification in wrong language

We can't turn on the requestor notification on "New ticket created", because it will always send the English notification instead of those for other languages.

The problem appears to be that the language recognition for new contacts takes too long to run in the background, and as a result. The notification (in the wrong language, English) is sent first, at which time the contact's language is set to English. A few minutes later, I can observe that the contact's language is changed to the proper language. However, the wrong notification has by then already been sent out.

This would appear to be something that could be fixed fairly easily, by having the notfication sendout delayed until the language recognition finishes. 

I would appreciate it if you could look into this, because for some customers, a confirmation of receipt is very important.

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Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for taking time to point this out. We understand your perspective and we wanted to let you know that we've added this to the bugs list. As to what you've said, the notifications jobs time limit will be adjusted so that the language recognition is proper and complete. 

We will keep you posted when the enhancement is made and when this is fixed. 



Thank you for addressing this issue Sukanya.

I am happy to hear that you guys have added this to your bug list. We have decided to keep on the notifications but this same issue has been causing problems with our customers too, especially since we have 8 different languages with specific email notifications. 

I pray that you will fix this bug as soon as possible!

I am encountering this issue, and your Support team have responded that the dev team is aware an working on it. 

Is this bug still open since October 2016 or am I seeing a new issue?

Hello Giovanni,

We had fixed this issue sometime back and looks like it has cropped up again. We'll keep you posted on the action plan on the ticket.


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