Updates - 27th October 2016

Brand new gamification widget: A brand new gamification widget has been launched to show agents who are not supervisors or admins their actual position in the leaderboard. For each badge, agents can see where they stand against other agents in their helpdesk. Hovering over avatars, they can see their actual score. This feature has been enabled for certain accounts. If you’d like to get the new gamification widget, please reach out to support@freshdesk.com. Supervisors and admins will continue to see the existing widget.


New keyboard shortcut ‘v’: Tapping ‘v’ lets you quickly jump to any view when you’re in the tickets list page. 


Quick jump to a contact’s tickets from search: Clicking on the ticket icon in contact search result suggestions and in the results page now lets you quickly jump to the list of tickets from that contact. 


A quick run down of more recent updates that were launched in the last few weeks can be can be found here.

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