Ability to add Voicemail to an existing ticket

Lots of times customers leave voicemails regarding a ticket that is already open. Right now, it is not possible for me to merge that voicemail ticket wtih the existing ticket, to have everything "tracked" so to speak under a single ticket subject matter or topic.

It's possible to merge the two tickets; however, the embedded voicemail does not retain after the merging is  complete.

It is also not possible to export or SAVE AS or save down the embedded voicemail messages. While I love that they are embedded and play when I press the play button, I find benefit to on occasion have the ability to save/export the message as well.

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Hello June,

Ability to merge the Voicemail tickets and listening to those voicemails is available through the Freshcaller-Freshdesk integration. I've sent you an email on how this integration works and how you can migrate from your existing phone channel to Freshcaller. Looking forward to talk to you soon!



@vc Harish Can you send a link to everyone so that we can all see your answer?

This is the best option I think. You should to try it at once so you can get some experience.

yes, This is the best option I think.

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