main ebay ecommerce channel inactive for 1 week!

It is incredible hpw freshdesk handles there issues, we have been almost 1 week without any support and dont receive any tickets anymore from our main ebay channel.

This is ridiculous, as being unable to handle tickets for 1 week can be disastrous for the business. We havent received thousands of tickets already through this ecommerce channel.

The only response they offer is that they are working on it. Not sure if other believe it is acceptable you helpdesk system is out for 1 week?

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Hello Sandy,

First, our sincere apologies for the downtime and also the fact that we missed out on updating this thread. We hope the issues have been sorted out and the eBay channel is working fine as expected. In case if you run into any bottlenecks, I request you to shoot an email to for quicker turnarounds.


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