Magento - Invalid block

Problem on "Create Ticket"

Invalid block "freshdesk/field_default_company"

Admin and user interface.


Hello Hudson,

We're already aware of this issue and this is because of the recent update wherein you would be able to associated multiple companies to a single contact in FreshDesk. 

The Magento Integration hasn't been updated to accommodate this change and hence it errors out.We have fixed this issue in the next version 1.0.5 which will be released soon. 

Meanwhile, you can overcome this error by adding this line to the line 98 of fields.php file located in the path <magento_root>/app/code/local/Mageplace/Freshdesk/Model/Freshdesk/Fields.php

&&$field[self::PARAM_TICKET_FIELD][self::PARAM_FIELD_TYPE] != "default_company"

Hope this helps.


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Works Fine Tnks