Calls getting dropped while working tickets

My agents are experiencing an issue where:

  • They are working a ticket, yet logged in and ready to take calls
  • They close a ticket while a call is coming through
  • The call gets dropped as a result of the page "refreshing"

Is anyone else experiencing this?

We even had situations where the agent answers the call, and they are finalizing the details on the ticket they were working when they answered the call, hit send (it's an email ticket) and that call gets hung up on.

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Hello Michael,

By default, if the ticket is closed when the agent(s) is already available on a call, he/she would receive a pop-up stating that a call is in progress and if he/she would like to end it and then progress with the ticket update. 

To negate the effect of the first scenario, it is always advisable for the agents to have freshdesk loaded in multiple tabs so that the call would be received on the other tab.