Multiple Products & Multiple Portals BUG: Clients logged into any portal can see all their tickets regardless of product selected in ticket.

Major Hole/Bug in Multiple Products & Multiple Portals:

I tested and verified the following:

Client (Ticket Requester) has tickets submitted with multiple different products that are supported via Freshdesk under the Estate plan with multiple product support.

Product 1 doesn't have a portal enabled (we do not want to expose Product one ticket details at this time on a portal)

Product 2 does have a portal enabled

The Ticket Requester can login into the portal for Product 2 and then see all tickets in the Freshdesk instance regardless of product selected in the ticket. Thus the client can see all the tickets for Product 1 that we don't want them to see by logging into Product 2's portal.

This is a major flaw in multiple product support.

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