Freshdesk Release Notes - November and December 2016

Here are some important updates we have apart from performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance your experience:

Requester widget on ticket details page 

With the requester widget, you can now customize/add upto 15 fields to be displayed in the requester info section. This makes it easy for your agents to get relevant context about the customer directly from the ticket details page. The fields can be a combination of contact as well as company fields of the ticket requester. You can do this by clicking on Customize requester widget under Admin > Customer fields in your helpdesk. Learn more.

New Editor for Knowledge Base

Our new Knowledge Base editor now includes powerful formatting options and an updated authoring experience making this feature more user friendly. Learn more

Remove Quoted Text Option

You can remove the clutter and send a clean reply by removing quoted text while responding to your customers. 

Changes in Automatic Ticket Assignment

  1. Automatic ticket assignment will now be triggered every time a ticket is assigned to a group and not just the first time that a ticket comes into a group.
  2. Estate and Forest customers can use load balanced assignment of tickets to limit the number of unresolved tickets that can be assigned to an agent in a group, at any given time.

View Images Inline from Twitter DMs

When your customers share screenshots of issues or any images in Twitter DMs, you can view these images inline in the corresponding tickets and respond. 

New design for user activation and set password pages

The user activation page and the set password page have been redesigned to have a minimal, clean look. The new design will be seen by both agents and end customers when they activate their Freshdesk account or try to change their passwords. 

The helpdesk name, company logo and the colors configured in the Admin > Helpdesk section will automatically be applied to this page.

Tags Restriction

You can now use custom roles to facilitate an effective categorization of tickets by restricting your agents’ access to create or manage tags in the helpdesk. You can also choose to extend the tag management privilege to other agents or prevent unauthorised agents from creating new tags.

Livechat “Export Chat Archives” feature

You can now apply filters and export chat archive (chat history) data present in Livechat Dashboard to a CSV or an excel file. You can now slice and dice the available data to generate valuable insights.

Purchase of Australian toll-free numbers is available now

You can now purchase toll-free numbers in Australia through Freshdesk's phone support system. This is in addition to our support in helping teams purchase toll-free phone numbers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Adding Indonesia to our phone support coverage

Support teams can now purchase business phone numbers in Indonesia. We are now providing business phone number purchases in 40+ countries.

Extending mobile number support 

We are enabling businesses to purchase and set up mobile numbers as their primary business phone numbers. As a part of our persistent efforts to make it available for all types of phone number services for businesses, we are adding mobile number support for Germany, Indonesia France and Israel

A better way to log calls as tickets 

Now agents can attach the call to a ticket during the call itself. It has another advantage that when you transfer the call, the context captured in the ticket is also transferred along with it hence resulting in faster issue resolution.

Updates on the Android App

The ability to sort tickets on the go has been added to version 3.6 of the Android app. From version 3.6.1, you can also attach files from cloud storage apps when responding to tickets. If you don't have the app installed yet, download it from the Play Store.

Updates on the iOS App

Version 4.6 of the iOS app now supports agent collision - so you can know when someone else is responding to the same ticket you're working on. You can also choose to not notify customers when closing tickets, or turn on touch ID for an added layer of security to your Freshdesk account.

If you're on a device that supports 3D touch, you can force touch the app icon to quickly create a new ticket or begin a search. If you don't have the iOS app already, download it from the App Store.

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