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This seems to me like a very basic function but I can't locate how to do it or any request for it. How can we have our customers email us for support and include crucial ticket field/property values such as their user id?

Basic Scenario:

Customer clicks mailto: link in an app. That mailto: includes a subject line generated by code. That subject line includes custom ticket field value. That field value is automatically parsed and entered into the auto-generated ticket by FreshDesk. This can be very useful for populating a user_id or support code field programatically rather than relying on customer's self-reported data (which is of course often wrong). request [user_id=1234]

The ideal scenario for end-users and for FreshDesk would be that all freshdesk customers use the POST API to populate these fields. But quick&easy will always win. The dev-cost difference between a simple 'mailto' link and a POST API system is large (<1hr vs 2+days).

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Hello Ted,

I am certainly with you for the fact that a simple 'mailto' link is pretty easy to configure . It is certainly possible to parse the content using API from a common subject with FreshDesk doing the heavy lifting of text parsing.  

You can use our UPDATE TICKET API to update the custom field with the parsed subject value. You can refer to this doc for more insights on the API endpoints.

Here's a sample JSON content that can be used to strip out the required content from the subject value :

{{ticket.subject | remove_first: "Help request[user_id="}}

This will return the value 1234 and this can be passed to a custom field using the webhook option available in the Dispatchr automation. 

I have also created a support ticket for this requirement and you can reach out to us anytime in case if you need any further assistance.


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