Public notes added to a ticket when a 2nd level of forwarded user replies back to his email

An issue was resolved earlier by FD team that when a forwarded user replies back to the email, the note added will be private.

Now we need a solution to a problem which is similar, when that forwarded user, forwards the email to some other user of the system and that user replies to the email, note added to the ticket is PUBLIC. 

Public notes makes it difficult for us to keep information intact when replying to a customer, since public notes are all added to a reply when agent is writing to the customer. We cannot afford that.

Please suggest a solution to this.

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By default, the behaviour of the ticket threading depends on whether the user is already a part of the ticket conversation or not. In this case, if the first level user forwards the email to the second level user , it would not get threaded in the same ticket. 

The ideal workflow would be that the first level user responds to the email CCing the other user so that he becomes a part of the ticket thread. Now, if the second level user replies back to the email, it would get threaded to the same ticket as a private note.


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