Multi-level dependent drop-down ticket fields missing for "Trigger Webhook"

We use a dependent drop-down ticket field titled "Product" that opens up a second level of "Module".

I have been able to reference both Product and Module before as placeholders in various rules by using the "Insert Placeholder" function and going to Ticket Fields and selecting from a dropdown as shown:


This shows up then as "{{ticket.product}}" and "{{ticket.module}}".

But when using the "Trigger Webhook" under "perform these actions" the "Product {{ticket.product}}" can be found but there is no "Module {{ticket.module}}" for the dependent field.

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Hello Tim,

You would be able to use the drop down next to the category option within the insert placeholder section to choose the correct placeholder for the subcategory/item as shown in the image below : 


Hope this helps! 


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