Ticket answers create long thread - how to "please write above the line"

Hi. each time customer answers, I'm getting whole nested thread. it takes incredible threads. over and over. how to achieve deafult behavior to cut all text below answer. just like other helpdesks do with "please write above the line"?? this is reall annoying, and tickets with 80 answers takes feed longer then facebook timeline... nobody can read this, search for desired information. why all your replies cannot cut it? Tomek

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We've introduced an option to remove the Quoted text from the email that gets sent to the users.Only when the user responds to the email that carries the history ( expands it and then replies ) , it would show up in Freshdesk as expanded text with the whole of the ticket history in a single note.

Now you can remove the clutter and send a clean reply to your customers by simply removing the quoted text. The feature is out and live. 

You simply need to hover on top of the quoted text icon and click on the 'x' or 'Remove quoted text' option (as shown below).




please come with a proper solution and make it possible to don't add the quoted text automaticly OR make a function to cut the text below a specific line!

If I want to delete specific text, I click on the three dots and remove the part I do not want. If I want to remove everything I click on the x as shown above. This solution works for us.


Please, give us a proper solution. This app isn't working and giving errors and messing up my reply template

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