Attachments - unable to attach / view / download.

Good Morning:

The attachments through FreshDesk are not working.  Please verify if there are any issues with AWS.

Thank You.

3 people have this problem

My team is experiencing the same issue.

URGENT!!  We are experiencing the same problem!  We need this fixed ASAP!!


Attachments seem to be working in the interface, but emails are failing to send and receive.  There are abnormal delays in dashboard refresh.

FreshDesk seems to be completely down now.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?

We're experiencing this as well - embedded images not showing up correctly and attachments having issues. Intermittent crashes as well. 

Looks like the Amazon AWS is down. 

"Update - Freshdesk services are effected due to Amazon AWS outage,We are working with them to get it resolved. "

Hello Everyone,

We're really sorry to let you know that the degraded performance is because of the downtime reported on amazon s3 server. Read more here :

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