CMDB Filter by Custom Field

I want to request a feature - The ability to create a view that filters via a custom field if a CI has that field.


For example: I've created a status field for all CIs which is a drop down selection field with the options: Provisioning, Production, Retired


It means I can track a CI throughout it's lifecycle, however I may only want to be dealing with Production CIs generally, or be able to view retired services for review, or keep track of services I'm yet to introduce.

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Hi Scott,

If I understand correctly, you want to create views based on particular CI statuses. This can be done using Asset Views in the CMDB page. 

I created a new dropdown field called GCC CI Status for Hardware CI Type and created a filter condition for all CIs that have the value "Production". This filter condition can then be saved as a view (and shared with all helpdesk agents if required as well). Is this what you were looking for? 




Thanks Sid, that's what I'm after.