my freshdeshk account not working

 my freshdeshk account not working  some one can help me solve this problem or fix it my account is ready to how can publish any thing in my account

@Miranda : Hope you were able to setup your account after your recent interaction with our support team.


I have the same problem! Can anyone help?

Hi Robert,

You can type in the email address here to get the details about the account -


Just shut my stuf off robert david sence you do not have anyone there that knows how to help me get in to an account. ......
HOW DO I GET TO MY ACCOUNT AND ACTIVE MY ACCOUNT WHERE CAN I GO TO DO THIS? If you can not help me then close what you have on me if you can not help me i can not find a thing in here.......

Hello Shruthi,

I could see that you've got in touch with one of our support agents and the account is currently active. Let me know if you have any further questions.


My fresh desk account had been blocked, Please help me in unblocking..

My account is blocked, Please help me in unblocking..??


One of our support heroes will get in touch via email shortly . Looking forward to get your account up and running.


I can not find accounts or where to go to create my account. That is why it is not working at all i dont know how or what to do.S o whenb i can lghyuuuù_

Ankit, Robert,

Can each of you be more specific on what's not working in your Freshdesk account? So we can help you out?



Is there anyone that knows how to help set up an account for robert david????????