Scenario Automation - Current date on date filed

How can I set the current date on date field when running scenario automation?

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Hello Andre,

Apologies for the delay from our end. 

Could you please elaborate your requirement so that we can provide a solution?



I need an option on the scenario automation to set the current date on a specific date field. (Today it asks for a specific date, but I need the current date when the scenario runs)


I really need this functionality as well. It helps track things like repair times within a ticket. As a trouble ticket can start with troubleshooting then be converted as a repair. We would like to mark the date a system arrives at our facility in the ticket by adding it to an already existing scenario automation that is being used when it arrives. The same will be done when it leaves. Right now, we have to have our repair manager manually entering the dates for each and every repair which is quite tedious and consumes a lot time that can be used elsewhere.

Agreed, there are a lot of topics started for this simple functionality.  For instance, if I set up a custom ticket field that's a date, and I want a supervisor rule to run on anything with "today"s date, for instance if the date is 5/30/2018, I want the supervisor rule to reopen the ticket on "today"s date, I can't set it to always be today.  I have to go into the supervisor rule every day and manually change the date to today's date.  It seems like a very basic functionality that's really lacking.  There's SO MUCH I could do if I could just set the date to always be "today". 

Adding my use case here, similar to Roberto Garcia's scenario. We have tickets that get escalated out of Support into other departments. I need the ability to create an Observer rule to set the current date/time on a custom field, which I would name something like  "Escalated Date/Time". I'd use this when exporting ticket data to crunch numbers regarding time it is taking to escalate tickets out of the support department. Thanks!

+1 rather than picking a hard coded date it would be useful to have variables like "today", "today+7days" etc to dynamically set a ticket field.

sad to see this important feature sit for 3 years with no more response or action, been hunting for exactly this, it sorta makes the date field useless without it.

I want the system to set "closing date" as today's date when the ticket is resolved for the last time, not fixed date as can be set in Automations.

(maybe the ticket has been reopened by customer for updates but closing date remains fixed to the first closing date unless the agent changes it manually).

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