Asset Overview Including IP Address

We'd like to see the IP addresses of an asset listed in the asset overview, rather than clicking into the components section every time to check the Network Adapter section.

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Dear FreshService technical team,
Any feedback on this ?
Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


I would also love this feature.

This would go hand-in-hand with my request to allow *any* column to be added to a view or custom view, and if that field is empty or not applicable it could just show "-" or "N/A". Currently, only "shared" columns can be added to a view

We are evaluating adding the IP field to the Asset properties, instead of components. Would help to understand if there are any other fields that might be of interest similar to the IP address. 

@SysG, I believe adding any field might overload the view as there could be hundreds of fields as each asset type can have many custom fields. We are looking into providing more fields by default in the column options such as IP, hostname, product, vendor...etc. More on this soon.

Dear Mohana,

For my part, the IP address fied would be the more important one, and the most helpful one, in addition of existing ones.



Thanks Mickael! I'll update this post once we take up this change.

@Mohana Sidhaarth VG: I didn't mean by default it has all the columns, I meant a user could tick any column to add to the view. By default it would only show minimum details.

For example the 'All Assets' view doesn't show IP Address. I have to create a custom view to see IP addresses, so it would be good to add these to the view, along with maybe serial number/asset tag. If these details are not filled in or are not relevant to the asset type it could say "-" or "N/A".

Hope this clarifies


Many thanks.

+ 2 for this, maybe even +3!

is Fresh Service actively Developing this?  I would consider this mission critical for ease of troubleshooting.   please advise. 


Any update on this development? Release date?


Hi all, this is still under consideration and I don't have a release date on this yet. 

Adding my support for this as well!

This is currently the only thing drawing me back from purchasing this software. I need the asset management overview page to display some consistency with the columns. Please add an IP, Mac Address, and OS column. This is an extremely small change. Why not implement this? 

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