Freshdesk SSO - How to implement "Remember me" functionality


Our java web application has been implemented to apply Freshdesk SSO. Everything is working properly. There is a request from our client when using Freshdesk SSO that I think it's similar to "Remember me" functionality when login to Freshdesk portal. Below are the user's actions:

1- End-users open one of browsers IE, Chrome, FireFox and this browser is set as default one in their computer.

2- End-users login to the application, click on a link that will authenticate user's account in Freshdesk and redirect to a Freshdesk specific page (SSO).
3- Browser cookies should remember login details of those users with FreshDesk.
4- End-users close the browser in step 1
5- End-users receive URL of knowledge base, click on that URL, browser cookies help end-users to login FreshDesk
6- If end-users clear cookies on their browser, they need to redo step 2.

So the expectation is end-users can view items of Freshdesk , no need to login to VC or FreshDesk again.

Is it possible and how can we implement it? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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