Freshdesk release notes for 25th March 2017

Here are some notable changes we rolled out to Freshdesk as a part of this week's release.

Enhancements (2):

  • Support for multi-file attachments on all new accounts
  • Increased file size limit to 20 MB for attachments in incoming emails

Bug Fixes (11):

  • Bugfix related to the account export feature not working when archived tickets are present in the helpdesk
  • Bugfix related to errors in requestor names while exporting CSV
  • Bugfix related to incorrect value shown in group by header within timesheet report Bugfix related to pagination error in timesheet report caused by a removed product
  • Bugfix related to the “view on nimble” links pointing to null domains
  • Enabled support for Zoho CRM customers in Zoho’s EU Pod
  • Bugfix related to appending paginated responses when 100+ projects are found on Freshbooks
  • Bugfix related to round robin configuration not getting set in certain scenarios
  • Bugfix related to the message and demo request buttons not working on the trial widget
  • Bugfix to have supervisor condition checks on checkbox
  • Bugfix related to CC emails going out when replies are sent to tickets marked as spam

Security Fixes (1):

  • Notifying agents when their primary email address is changed by an admin or supervisor

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