Freshdesk release notes for the 6th April, 2017

Enhancements (3):

  • Role based dashboards are now available for trial customers
  • JWT based authentication for API V2
  • Salesforce plus marketplace app now supports ‘Formula’ field for sync

Bug Fixes (9):

  • Bugfix related the product field (marked as required) being validated during API calls even when it has a value
  • Bugfix related to replies to a forwarded emails getting added as a public note
  • Bugfix in detecting requester information from emails forwarded by agents
  • Bugfix related to fixing a layout issue for RTL in the timesheet report
  • Bugfix related to showing incorrect labels in the timesheet report for dependent and dropdown fields
  • Bugfix related to dynamic sections not getting populated properly when updated through URL parameters
  • Bugfix related to German translations in ticket export and customer portal
  • Bugfix related to automations assigning tickets to agents removed from the helpdesk
  • Bugfix related to disallowing Dispatch’r rules from getting saved when no actions are specified

Security Fixes (1):

  • Improved access privilege checks for all attachments and cloud files

Can you please explain "Bugfix related to replies to a forwarded emails getting added as a public note" ?


Hello Thanos,

There were one scenario where we were missing an email threading check and adding a Reply to a Forwarded email as a public note. 

Does that help you?



Dear Sudha,

I had issues with the way Freshdesk treats email responses from agent email addresses ( it adds them as public notes even if the requester email does not appear in the To, Cc or Bcc which comes as a shock when you first realize it ) which created great problems for us. We, and I believe every other company that uses a ticketing system, wouldn't like internal communications inadvertently exposed to customers or third parties.

I have also raised a ticket where I asked that an option is added to the Admin interface for selecting between the current Freshdesk behavior and the following behavior:
  • If the incoming email DOES NOT CONTAIN the requester email address in the To, Cc or Bcc, it should be turned into a PRIVATE NOTE
  • If the incoming email contains the requester email address in the To, Cc or Bcc, then and ONLY THEN, it should be turned into a public note

Hey Thanos,

Yes I do remember your request - we don't see many of our customers requesting this feature. I do realize that for someone coming from an email only system, this might come as not intuitive behavior. However, replying to email notifications is considered to be similar to the Reply button on the Agent portal, hence it does become a public note.

I was wondering if a workaround might help you, maybe you can add an email command for a private note to your email notification templates for agent notifications and that might help? Or even a note to remind agents to use email commands to make private notes?



Dear Sudha, we have instructed all agents to add the @Simonsays "action":"note" @Simonsays line to their signatures but this is not enough. They use lots of platforms ( various clients on computers/mobiles/tablets, webmail etc ) so it is a pain to make sure everyone has this everywhere and, of course, there is no guarantee that a signature will not be edited, even by mistake. Plus, it looks really strange to recipients that see the plain text version of emails our agents send. I believe that there are a number of requests for that feature but they are spread around in various threads. In my ticket #767312 I listed some of them.


Hello Thanos,

I was wondering if our recently released Outlook integration might help to make this workflow easier for your team - I hope that helps better than email commands which can be a bit more cryptic.



We do use Outlook but there is a significant number of other mail clients around as we are using various platform/OS combinations.


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